Is this the best way we can grow our big orchards?
Is this the best way we can grow our good fruit?
To fall like dry leaves to rot on my topsoil
And be called by no name except "deportees"?                    From Plane Wreck at Los Gatos (Deportee)
.                                                                                             by Woody Guthrie

Immigration Pays Off—For Americans!
The report titled "Undocumented Immigrants In Texas: A Financial Analysis of the Impact to the State Budget and Economy" found that "the absence of the estimated 1.4 million undocumented immigrants in Texas in fiscal 2005 would have been a loss to our gross state product of $17.7 billion. Undocumented immigrants produced $1.58 billion in state revenues, which exceeded the $1.16 billion in state services they received."
Collateral Damage on the Mexican Border
"The body count keeps growing as the crackdown intensifies against people who were born 'on the wrong side' of a geographical boundary."
Mexico's corn farmers see their livelihoods wither away
"The Bush administration has sought to control immigration at the border, but that's virtually impossible," said Harley Shaiken, director of UC Berkeley's Center for Latin American Studies. "The beginnings of immigration are in the displacement of farmers in Mexico."
Six Immigration Lies, Dispelled
"Immigrants aren't animals or terrorists -- and they're not sucking the nation's economy dry."

US Border Town

"1,200 Miles From the Border:

Georgia's 'carpet capital' relies on immigrants."


Immigration Reform:
Won't Give Average American Job Security
Immigration Reform Won't Give Average American Job Security
"Congress cannot effectively address illegal immigration - or any other major domestic economic issue - without first finding ways to strengthen and protect America's middle-class jobs, the backbone of our economy."
The Phonies on Undocumented
"...reducing inequality is the only sure way to reduce the threat."
Washington Post Comparison of U.S. Senate and House Immigration Bills(The comparison has been copied to this website in case the link does not work):
The False Debate Over 'Broken Borders'
Large segments of the media have biased their coverage [of immigration legislation] towards a pro-business standpoint on the debate, which is misleadingly portrayed as a pro-immigrant position; the opposition to this view is a racialized, nativist perspective that is misrepresented as advocacy for U.S.-born workers. Actual pro-immigrant, pro-worker and international points of view have been almost entirely absent.
FAIR (Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting) article
Immigration and Nurses

US Plan to Lure Nurses May Hurt Poor Nations


Rising Wages for Nurses? Nanny State to the Rescue

"But those wishing to test the extent of the immigrant problem might want to conduct this quick test:"
Immigration Flood Unleashed by NAFTA's Disastrous Impact on Mexican Economy
"While there has been some media coverage of NAFTA's ruinous impact on US industrial communities, there has been even less media attention paid to its catastrophic effects in Mexico:"
How Immigrants Contribute
"Undocumented working-poor families have higher effective income tax rates than their neighbors who enjoy higher income levels."
Embracing Cheap Workers, Ignoring Their Welfare
"The top 10 countries hosting the largest number of international migrants have neither signed nor ratified a 1990 UN convention aimed at protecting the rights of migrant workers worldwide."
Dealing With Mexico
"Thirteen years ago we were assured that the North American Free Trade Agreement would transform Mexico into a prosperous middle-class society. 'There will be less illegal immigration,' promised President Bill Clinton, 'because more Mexicans will be able to support their children by staying home.'"
Immigration Follies
"There's no simple solution but one major step is to enforce basic labor laws that require employers to pay all their employees the minimum wage and protect their health and safety."
"A fact studiously ignored in the United States (see, for example, Time magazine's February 6, 2006 cover story on migration), is that the US has promoted the same economic policies that have wrought disaster."
Today's Immigration Battle - Corporatists vs. Racists (and Labor is Left Behind)
"This isn't about immigration - it's about economics."
The Guest Worker Gamble
"Even the best version of a guest worker program exploits immigrant workers and undermines the rights of other workers."
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