Stop all Federal Contracts with BP

Iboycottbp-no_border.jpg recently started a letter writing/petition campaign calling for discretionary debarment of BP from all Federal contracts and leases.  Here is the text of the petition: 

"President Obama and members of Congress: British Petroleum (BP) has broken U.S. laws repeatedly and has jeapordized not only the safety of its employees but has caused extensive environmental damage in the Gulf of Mexico and in Alaska. In the case of the Deepwater Horizon disaster, they lied about whether they could contain an oil leak into the ocean. Throughout the current oil leak situation, BP has not only demonstrated a lack of will to prevent damage from oil by cleaning it up through proven tactics such as skimming and proper booming, they have also obstructed clean up efforts and efforts of citizens and media to witness the horrific destruction occurring in the ocean and on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico. This shows that they hold no regard for the law and do not take seriously their responsibility for this disaster.

BP has a long history of proven criminal conduct in the U.S. and discretionary debarment from any federal contracts is completely justified and warranted. Please act as soon as possible to institute discretionary debarment for BP from all future federal contracts, including military contracts and all natural resource extraction contracts. In addition, make this debarment retroactive in order to cause cancellation of all current contracts with BP. Any current operations being run by BP should be halted and completely investigated rather than being sold or transferred in any way to any other corporation."

This Propublica article helps to explain the rationale for debaring BP and what it means: EPA Officials Weigh Sanctions Against BP's U.S. Operations.  Please go to the petition site to sign: Stop all Federal Contracts with British Petroleum .



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