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Crime in Context

Violent crime is up in some places, but is it really a trend?

. . . To present a fuller picture of crime in America, The Marshall Project collected and analyzed 40 years of FBI data on the most serious violent crimes in 68 police jurisdictions. . . . In the process, we were struck by the wide variation from community to community. To paraphrase an aphorism about politics, all crime is local. Each city has its own trends that depend on the characteristics of the city itself, the time frame, and the type of crime.

Read the entire article: the Marshall Project

College of Charleston Events Jan. 19 & 20

On Tuesday, January 19th Professor Sarah Haley from UCLA will give a lecture at 6pm in RSS 235 [the old library] on “The Carceral Life of Gender.”

Event Description:
In the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries, imprisoned black women faced wrenching forms of gendered racial terror and economic exploitation on chain gangs. Professor Sarah Haley will deliver a lecture on January 19 based on her groundbreaking new book about imprisoned black women’s brutalization in convict labor systems. Continue reading College of Charleston Events Jan. 19 & 20

Why Are So Many Veterans on Death Row?

By Jeffrey Toobin

The death penalty has always provided a window into the darkest corners of American life. Every pathology that infects the nation as a whole—racism, most notably—also affects our decisions about whom to execute. A new report from the Death Penalty Information Center adds a new twist to this venerable pattern.
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Charles Randolph-Wright and Pauletta Washington at Avery

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On Thursday, October 22 at 6:00pm, join  the Avery Research Center in giving Charles Randolph-Wright (York, South Carolina) a warm Charleston welcome during this wonderful evening of conversation and music, with his good friend actress, musician, humanitarian Pauletta Washington!
***Charles is currently working on several dynamic projects, including an upcoming NBC Underground Railroad miniseries, FREEDOM RUN, based on Betty De Ramus’s 2005 book “Forbidden Fruit: Love Stories From the Underground Railroad” Continue reading Charles Randolph-Wright and Pauletta Washington at Avery

Lowcountry Peace Speaker November 9

Please join Lowcountry Peace on November 9 (time TBA) for a visit Nadin Reyes_140x193by Nadín Reyes Maldonado, a Mexican human rights defender who founded the Committee of Family Members of the Disappeared and Detained ‘Until We Find Them’ (see bio and more information below). The number of forced disappearances in Mexico has gone up dramatically since 2007 when the drug war started through the Mérida Initiative.  Continue reading Lowcountry Peace Speaker November 9